How to setup the Squirrel to Connect to DB2?

SQuirreL SQL Client is a popular open source graphical application written in java that allows users to browse tables and issue all kinds of SQL commands. SQuirrel can be used in variety of OS like Java application since it is written in java. The newer and recent version i.e. 3.6 supports Java 1.6 or higher. If you are running older version of java, you should use the older SQuirrel versions. Each database has its own application/tool to access its database. SQuirrel SQL Client is the answer for those people who can use all the database in one application. I believe SQuirrel SQL Client is the best open source application I can find in the market to access any database in one application. Here are the few tips to set up best application to connect to DB2 database.

  1.  Download SQuirrel SQL Client from
  2.  Once you install SQuirrel, launch SQuirrel SQL Client.
  3.  Open Driver list from left menu, click the plus sign “Create a New Driver”.
  4.  Type “IBM DB2 Universal Driver” or your choice of name in “Name” text box.
  5.  Type jdbc:db2://<server>:<port>/<dbname> in “Example URL” text box
  6.  Type “” in “Class Name” editable drop down list
  7.  Click “Extra Class Path” tab
  8.  Click “Add” and select three jar files from db2jcc.jar, db2jcc_license_cu.jar and db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar
  9.  Click Ok, and we are done defining the driver. The final screen should look like follows.


10. Now create an alias for the DB using previous driver and providing URL, username, & password.


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